Hello people!!

First of all! Thank you (THANK YOU!) for all the love and comments I have been received about the first video, it is amazing!

After a crazy period including a chest infection I am still recovering from, recording 49549504905 demos and etc etc, quoting KT Tunstall’s song “It took me so long to get here but here I am”.

Welcome to the very first post of The Paper Booklight, the blog/booktube channel project. My name is Laura Munoz, I am 24 years old graduate in Audiovisual Communications currently working as a bookseller in Southern England.

I have started this booktube channel with the Booktube Newbie Tag, a video where I introduce myself by answering some questions.

As for the next week, I am planning to release the very first review of this channel as well as other stuff. I am very very excited, as it is a very interesting book, full of light, with a writing that is very unique. I have to say – without entering it a lot of details, will leave them to the review! – that Publicity and Transmedia-wise this author’s books and works achieve to create a whole, rich interconnected universe. AAAA I am so excited!

About posting frequency, you will see videos each week (Thursdays at 18h English time) and other types of content in the different social media accounts I have ( you can find them on the menu)There are a few posts and videos I am planning on doing, which include Hauls, Tags and a monthly themed video, which will be done in August! The first theme will be bookshops! If you have got any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the post or drop me an email to hello@thepaperbooklight.com.

See you soon!

xx Laura


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